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Plant Hire and Muckaway for Chichester Customers

E&K Contractors are a trusted and reliable family-run plant hire company, just a short drive away from Chichester in Midhurst. We offer a wide range of services and products, including top cutter hire, providing the tools you need for construction and excavation projects. Whatever the size of the muckaway task, E&K’s grab lorry hire vehicles, with a capacity of up to 16 tonnes, are well-equipped to deal with it.


When in need of plant equipment for a muckaway job, a tarmac removal project requiring a top cutter or a grab lorry, you can either borrow it from from a plant hire company or purchase it for yourself. Here we’ve outlined why we believe the former option is the best choice for Chichester construction companies. If you’re convinced, give us a call on 01703 815 803 and find out how we can fit your needs.


Hire or Buy?


Cheaper in the short term – The most pertinent reason for using companies like E&K Contractors for plant hire equipment is that it’s the most cost-effective solution. If you only require plant hire equipment for a short period of time, and you won’t need it for jobs day-in and day-out for years to come, then it should be far cheaper hiring. For instance, if you only have a small tarmac removal task requiring top cutter hire, renting this fairly niche piece of equipment that you may only require once in a while will be wiser financially than a larger outlay to own it yourself.


No maintenance or repair concerns – We handle all maintenance in-house, and will ensure all of our plant hire machinery is up to the task of taking on all sizes of muckaway projects in Chichester. This saves you time on the job, as machines like grab lorry hire vehicles will be quickly repaired or replaced by our team of skilled operators. While it is unlikely, if something does go wrong then you won’t be wasting your valuable time, and you can continue with the project as if nothing had happened!


Remove storage costs – When you choose E&K Contractors plant machinery hire, the logistics/cost of storage is taken out of your hands. We have a dedicated storage yard in Midhurst (just 12 miles away from Chichester) for our large plant hire equipment, such as our huge grab lorry hire vehicles with massive hydraulic lifting arms. Hiring from E&K Contractors takes away the stress involved in finding spacious facilities to house all the machinery required for muckaway.


Transportation to your doorstep  – Our beavertail lorry can carry up to 13 tonnes of plant hire equipment, moved on and off the vehicle by a 12,000lb Superwinch. We use this to transport our own machinery to your Chichester site, but this haulage behemoth can collect top cutter hire and other plant hire vehicles and deliver them anywhere in the UK. We already have ample tools for transport, removing any worry on your part.


You’re not hurt by depreciation  – You won’t lose any money off a plant hire machine, even if your Chichester construction project extends for many months. You’ll just pay for your usage, and won’t incur a loss when you want to sell it on (as you have no use for it anymore). If you only have a short-term muckaway project, equipment will not depreciate in value whilst you’re taking on other tasks.


Use the latest equipment on the market – All of our plant hire machinery includes the latest technological advances, such as 360 degree cameras or grade control. We do all the hard work getting our top cutter hire and grab lorry hire vehicles up to the very latest spec, so you don’t have to.


Better value for money – The market for plant hire machinery is busy, so you’ll be receiving great rates for the equipment required for muckaway projects. We at E&K pride ourselves on our competitive pricing range on plant hire equipment for Chichester customers, and machinery can be hired for a wide variety of time periods.


Call us today on 01730 815 803 for all your plant hire needs in the Chichester area, and find out why E&K Contractors are your #1 local choice.


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