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Plant Hire and Muckaway for Portsmouth Contractors

At E&K Contractors, we’re committed to delivering a high-quality range of plant hire services, tailored to the requirements of your construction project. Our grab lorry hire vehicles are equipped to take on any size of task, and our top cutter hire machinery is well-maintained to handle all tarmac destruction work. We also provide prompt and reliable muckaway services, to remove waste generated at your Portsmouth construction site quickly and efficiently.


On this page, we look at some common uses for our plant hire machinery. If you have any questions generated from reading this page, or you’d like to find out more about our services, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01730 815 803.

Our team will be happy to assist.


Common Uses for Top Cutter Hire


Otherwise known as a trencher, our top cutter hire vehicles prove popular in the Portsmouth area due to their versatile range of uses. Top cutter hire vehicles are a piece of plant hire equipment often leased by electrical companies. This is because they are able to scythe through tough tarmac to create an opening for them to install new cables, or replace broken cabling that is located underneath the pavement.


Top cutter hire machinery is also used by the plumbing industry, because it can break ground to be able access and repair/replace underground pipes. It can also be used to create drainage, when areas accumulate excess water during periods of inclement weather.


Common Uses for Grab Lorry Hire


When conducting a construction or demolition project in Portsmouth, it is inevitable that waste will be accumulated, sometimes on a large scale. Our grab lorry hire vehicles can help take care of the waste, and subsequently our muckaway services can take care of screening and recycling. Removal of waste by plant hire machinery like grab lorry hire vehicles can avoid any potential health and safety issues that may arise from keeping unwanted materials around.


Grab lorry hire vehicles can capably handle all types of inert waste, such as concrete, rubble, hardcore, soil and clay, as well as mixed waste like metal, plaster, timber and other miscellaneous commercial or agricultural waste. With capacity for up to 16 tonnes of waste, E&K’s grab lorries can take on any task in the Portsmouth area.


Common Uses for Muckaway


Muckaway is most used when the soil is stripped back during an excavation or reduced level dig. However, muckaway is an all-encompassing term that covers all types of waste generated at a construction or agricultural site, including;


  • Clean, inert waste
  • Toxic or hazardous waste – contains substances such as asbestos
  • Non-hazardous waste – formerly hazardous materials that have been rendered inert
  • Sludge and dredging waste
  • Green waste – such as off-cuttings of turf and natural debris such as leaves


E&K provide a fast-acting muckaway service that can promptly arrive at any site in the Portsmouth area and remove large piles of waste. This is a far more environmentally-friendly option than taking it to a landfill site, and saves you the time and effort of doing so. The waste is screened and sorted into products such as topsoil, crushed concrete and Type 1 Aggregate which is sold on to construction companies all across Portsmouth and further afield in the South Coast.


Whether you require plant hire machinery or muckaway, E&K Contractors are the #1 choice for Portsmouth labourers. Give us a call on 01730 805803 to discuss our services.

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